Le Renard

I fed a fox. 

She came up on my deck and sat on the lounge chair at night

Hid my rubber sandals and knocked over plants

I left her some cool water and kibble

And she stayed awhile

But the neighbors complained when their chickens and cats disappeared

So I quit leaving her food

No more fox.

About John Idstrom

My name is John Idstrom and I write Meezenplace, which is an intentional misspelling of the french cooking term Mise en Place. I am a non-indiginous, invasive species who lives and writes by the beaches of Monterey Bay. I used to think Meezenplace was about food, and maybe it was at some point. Now it's just stories I find that have food in them. Pull up and chair and join me for a meal.
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5 Responses to Le Renard

  1. Jennifer Schaal says:

    What, no recipe?

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  2. Colleen Hollinger says:

    Everything touches everything else.

  3. Stephanie Riefe says:

    That is cool. I wonder what might have been ….

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