My name is John Idstrom and Meezenplace is my blog.  The title is misspelled on purpose.JPI  It’s my twist on the french cooking term “mise en place” which refers specifically to getting your cooking area prepped and organized.  For me it has a broader meaning, which may be revealed as time goes by.  At any rate, Meez is my opportunity to get off the interstate and explore a few backroads. Food will be featured –  sometimes prominently, sometimes less so.  But basically its going to be the pyschic stuff I have stored in the attic that I just can’t bear to part with.  “Ready, fire, aim” will be my motto.  Sit down and hang on.  Just don’t shut up.

3 Responses to About

  1. Nik von Ruden says:

    John, I have a question for you regarding dried mushrooms. I’ve used various dried mushrooms in recipes, mostly Porcinis, Shitake, and Oyster mushrooms. I recently picked up some dried Morel mushrooms. When I rehydrated them, they were tasteless and rubbery. Very disappointing. What’s your advice on using dried Morel mushrooms in cooking?

    • John Idstrom says:

      Nik: I agree with you on the dried morels – have had the same experience. Other varieties are much better that way. HOWEVER, you can recapture the morel flavor by saving the water you soak them in and using it as a stock base or in sauces. You can reduce it down a bit and really intensify the flavor. Some reduced morel soaking liquid in a cream sauce is very delicious. Another thing to do with them is to pulverize them while still dry in a coffee grinder and then dust a nice piece of beef with the morel powder. Works with thick steaks, prime rib, etc. I expect lamb chops would be delicious that way as well. But I agree that reconstituted morels in and of themselves have been a waste of money.

  2. Nik von Ruden says:

    Thanks, John! I’ll give both suggestions a try.

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